10 Reasons Why to Study Computer Science @ Howard

  1. The Department of Computer Science offers a traditional B.S. degree in computer science, a computer science minor option for non-engineering disciplines at Howard, a graduate certificate course in cybersecurity, a traditional M.S. degree in computer science, an accelerated 1-year M.S. degree in computer science, and a Ph.D. degree in computer science. 

  2. Most graduates of the computer science program at Howard step directly into career positions in computer science and systems engineering with industry or government, continue their education in graduate degree programs, or become entrepreneurs. 

  3. The Computer Science program at Howard allows students to acquire a rigorous background in the field while at the same time gaining valuable "soft" skills.

  4. Students graduating from Howard’s Computer Science Department find themselves well suited to continue study at the graduate level in top name institutions. However, all students who complete the program have the knowledge requisite to pursue a variety of careers either within the computer industry or elsewhere.

  5. Students go on to apply what they have learned to a wide array of fields, from software and computer development and research to finance, medicine, advertising, and consulting. The major program itself is designed to reflect this combination of rigor and flexibility.

  6. After completing a set of required courses for the major, each student can pursue an elective track in accordance with a student’s interests and aptitudes that also fulfills upper-level major requirements.

  7. Due to our small undergraduate population and the department’s research orientation, many C.S. undergraduate students at Howard work with faculty on research projects in their junior and senior years. Students find these research opportunities very rewarding in terms of their exposure to cutting-edge research, introduction to the academic research environment, and enhancement of their overall education.

  8. The Department maintains a faculty to student ratio of no more than 12 to 1. If you want to study in an environment where you can be a big fish in a little pond...then Howard is the place for you.

  9. Many of the SCS teaching faculty have extensive experience in industry and private sector research labs. Our department has developed collaborative relationships with companies such as IBM, Google, Xerox, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, HP, and Microsoft, as well as other leaders in the field.

  10. Howard’s location allows students to take advantage of the proximity to many potential future employers based in the Washington DC metropolitan area as well as the many cultural attractions the city offers.


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