Program Requirements

Students in the Department of Computer Science must follow the curriculum found in this section. Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, they will receive the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Please note: The department reserves the right to drop students from courses for which they do not have the required prerequisite/co-requisite.

Department Requirements

Students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours including core courses in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Liberal Arts. Elective courses in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Humanities/Social Science, and African American Studies are also required. The curriculum breakdown is listed below. The 4 year curriculum can be accessed here.

Concentration Credit Hours
Computer Science Core
Technical Electives
Liberal Arts Core Curriculum
Social Sciences and Humanities Elective Courses
African American Cluster Core

Computer Science Core (48 credit hours)

CSCI-100 Intro to Computer Science , 2
CSCI-135 Computer Science I , 4
CSCI-136 Computer Science II , 3
CSCI-354 Computer Science III , 3
Computer Organization I , 3
Computer Organization II, 3
UNIX Lab, 1
Large Scale Programming , 3
CSCI-341 Theory of Computation , 3
CSCI-470 Fundamentals of Algorithms , 3
Software Engineering , 3
Structures of Programming Languages , 3
Database Systems, 3
Operations Research , 3
Operating Systems, 3
Modeling and Simulation , 3
Systems Management Analysis , 3
Senior Design Project I , 2
CSCI-492 Senior Design Project II, 2

University Requirements

The University-wide core curriculum course requirements are met by the curriculum. The core themes and Computer Science courses that satisfy the requirements are listed in the following table.

Core Theme Computer Science
Intellectual Openness and Cultural Diversity

Introduction to Engineering EGPP-101

Historical Awareness

African American Elective
Humanities/Social Science Elective

Empirical Analysis

CSCI-491 Senior Design Project I
CSCI-492 Senior Design Project II  

Quantitative Literacy & Statistical Reasoning

MATH-189 Probability & Statistics (3)

Social and Human Relations

Humanities/Social Science Elective  

Other Core Experiences

University Events – lectures, convocation, College/Department Lecture series, CEACS Student Leadership Institute, Exhibitions, Study/travel Program, Middle & High School Education Programs, etc.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Wed. Nov. 16th @ 6:30p - HUIRB 1st Floor)

Tue, November, 15 2016

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Wed. Nov. 16th @ 6:30p - HUIRB 1st Floor) Serious about launching your own startup! This is one of several workshops that will be offered throughout the year. For those students who participate in all the workshops, they will receive up to $3K to fund their venture. Read More >>

Dr. Burge to speak at TedX Howard University

Mon, August, 29 2016

TEDx brings together bright minds to give idea-focused talks that range from a wide scope of subjects, which foster learning, inspiration and provoke impactful conversations. Read More >>


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