Exploring Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

So what is computer science? There are a number of definitions of computer science. Here's a simple one:

com.put.er sci.ence n : The study of computer technology, both hardware and software.

Well ... that sure sounds kind of broad ... computer science is the study of almost anything to do with computer technology! That's right, but how about some concrete examples? Fortunately, there are many, many sub-areas within the broader discipline of computer science, and new areas are continuously being created as the discipline advances. Let's look at just a few of these sub-areas of computer science:

That's quite a few sub-areas ... and we haven't really even listed all of them. Also, each of these sub-areas of computer science is actually a huge discipline in its own right.

Computer science has certainly become a core discipline -- a discipline of study in itself -- and one that continues to grow. However, a rather unique aspect of computer science is that it's not only a very broad discipline, but that it has exceptionally broad application to nearly every other discipline imaginable.


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