Congressional Black Caucus Internships, Fellowships & Scholarship Opportunities

On behalf of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and the Congressional Black Caucus, I am pleased to inform you of several internships, fellowships and scholarship opportunities provided through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. These unique opportunities are an essential step to launching students’ careers. It is also a great opportunity to be engaged in the political landscape of our nation.

Take a moment to review the information attached and apply. Deadlines are quickly approaching. For more information, contact my office, 713.655.0050 or visit the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s website, or call 202-263-2800.



Howard West: A First Step in Creating More Opportunities for African-American Engineers

Fri, February 2, 2018

Howard West, an educational and career development initiative between Howard University and Google, Inc., is a first step in creating more opportunities for African-American engineers. Howard West, a vision of President Frederick, was realized in 2017 with a successful pilot program. (Photo credit: Google) Read More >>

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Wed. Nov. 16th @ 6:30p - HUIRB 1st Floor)

Tue, November 15, 2016

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Wed. Nov. 16th @ 6:30p - HUIRB 1st Floor) Serious about launching your own startup! This is one of several workshops that will be offered throughout the year. For those students who participate in all the workshops, they will receive up to $3K to fund their venture. Read More >>


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